Montecci Carbon Vegter Black
Montecci Carbon Vegter Black

Montecci Carbon Vegter Black

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I-Shaped embedded header 2.0


Embedded carbon fiber gasket blocks(special spaces 5mm) and head-tube integration, taking into aesthetics and the aero effect. The stretched I-Type headstock is tail finned. The airflow entering from the header is compressed downwards to reduce Turbulence. Optimized the shape of the bottom of the head tube on the basis of the WS13 to make the crosswind surface smooth and aero 


Direct Mount Braking System


Direct mount braking system,compared with the traditional single-mount clamps, has a better stability, more optimized layout of the pulling cables to enhance the brake pinching feel of fluency, 15% more braking efficiency. Give riders a more relaxed ride experience.


Embedded wide front fork


In addition to providing greater tyre width adaptation and better front fork rigidity, it also give a larger spacing between the front fork and the wheelset, with better airflow than the narrow front fork. Integrated fork shoulder not only provide a more concise visual effect, but also improve the aerodynamic performance of the fork and frame connection.


T Tail


Montecci Bike unique T Tail desigg, combines both sides of seatstay as one, fully guarantees the seatstay-seattube connection strength. The large area of the tail compresses air flow downward, greatly reducing the turbulence generated thereby optimizing the effect of breaking into the wind.